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Key Benefits of Gutterglove LeafBlaster

Eliminates gutter cleaning forever!

Filters out all debris from your gutter!

First Stage filter in rain harvesting systems!

Barely visible from the ground!

No rain gutter clogs ever!

Fits on any gutter type!

Fits on any roof type!

Filters over 150 inches of hourly rain!


A – Fine 316 Stainless Steel mesh filters out leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit. You will NEVER have to clean out your gutters again.

B – Gutterglove installs on a variety of roof types

C – Anodized aluminum frame supports the mesh and channels rainwater to the gutter.

D – Gutterglove installs on your existing gutters.

A – Leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit roll off your gutter and to the ground

B – Nothing but rainwater filters through to your gutter. You will NEVER have to clean your gutters again.

C – Thickest support frame of any gutter guard on the market.

D – Filters over 150 inches of hourly rainfall.

Gutterglove gets a great REVIEW!

gutterglove review





Click here to watch this video and see what ABC News says about Gutterglove Pro gutter guard.

Performance Video






Gutterglove can filter over 150 inches of hourly rainfall as demonstrated at a home and garden show in this amazing video.


Available Sizes

Gutterglove LeafBlaster Super

Fits on: 5″ to 7″ gutters
Length: 4 feet
Width: 7.5″

Gutterglove LeafBlaster Standard

Fits on: 2″ to 5.5″ gutters
Length: 4 feet
Width: 5.75″